~Magical ball~ Tutorial

Have you ever needed a magical glowing orb for a staff or something else? I did, so I looked at a few different tutorials and came up with a fairly inexpensive and easy way to make one.



  1. Sand the metallic backing off the rhinestones. This is a tedious task, I know. If you bought glass or crystal rhinestones instead of plastic/acrylic, you could use a salt and vinegar soak to loosen the backings (probably) but that did not work on the rhinestones I bought.
  2. Optional: if you really wanted to, you could also paint a layer of clear nail polish on the backs of the rhinestones to clear up the cloudiness. However, I found this disappears when you glue them on.
  3. Sand the loop part off of the ball (if you bought the same one I did, which is an ornament). Also lightly sand one half of the ball completely to make sure the hot glue will adhere the rhinestones to the ball. If you follow the exact way I made mine, you don’t have to sand the bottom half.
  4. Use your hot glue and go crazy with the rhinestones, completely covering one half of the ball. Fill in any gaps with hot glue, it doesn’t matter that the glue dries to a slightly milky color, it’s not noticeable.
  5. On the bottom half of the ball, use leftover rhinestones and bring the rocky texture down. I only bought one pack of rhinestones so I didn’t have enough to cover the entire ball, but if you have enough, go for it.
  6. Take a small piece of saran wrap and wrap it around one LED to size it. Then glue that piece down into the bottom half of the ball. This will act as a little cradle for the light so you can easily remove it and replace it without having a light bounce around in your ball.
  7. If you want to, you can use more saran wrap pieces to fill the inside of the sphere halves. This will allow the LED light to diffuse more for a softer glow.

Undiffused light vs. Diffused light


Now you have a magical ball! Stick it on a staff or throw it at someone (just kidding, it could actually hurt)!


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