Update + Haul

I know I keep saying I’ll have posts coming, but this time I’m actually telling the truth. I have some projects (mostly cosplays) nearing completion, and I’ll try my best to get them posted. Until then, however, I have more haul items!

I did not get this materials on the same day, rather I went to my local Joann’s multiple times during different sales. I think I’ve photographed everything, but if there are things I’ve used but not photographed, I’ll talk about them.


This batch includes some Steampunk octopus buttons, La Mode kind of regal crest buttons, a Simplicity grecian trim, a Simplicity “tribal” trim, and a Burda pattern for historical undergarments.

I have no use for the buttons as of yet, but they’re inspirational and just pretty so I wanted them. The grecian trim is also an inspirational item for a possible future cosplay which I will keep under wraps until I hammer out details. The tribal trim I’m going to use to make a camera strap for my brother (and since there is quite a bit of it, perhaps one for me as well). The pattern is completely useful, especially for when I begin to make my historical costumes (I’ve curated a collection of patterns and construction details for various ones).


It was early morning so the lighting isn’t optimal, but the La Mode buttons feature a (quite literal) sea horse and that was grounds alone for buying them. The octopus gives me HYDRA and/or S.P.E.C.T.R.E vibes, and I am into steampunk looks, so definitely an inspirational item.


This batch includes so many fun things! A Dritz Belle Buttons real horn button (to be used in one of the nearly complete cosplays I will post later on), Realeather deerskin lace in dark chocolate (I bought two), a Butterick Making History pattern for belts, bracers, bags, etc. typically leather items (such a useful pattern for MANY of the costumes I want to make), and a Simplicity pattern for Princess Zelda (I honestly bought it because it includes patterns for the armor pieces and the crown and I can use that for basic shapes and alter the patterns for whatever character I need).


A closeup on the texture of the horn button. I’m not sure how this horn was retrieved, I’m hoping it was ethically but I just don’t know. I didn’t even realize it was real horn until I had already bought it.

I forgot to photograph, but I also went to Home Depot and bought a 10′ PVC pipe that I cut in half and purchased end caps for, which will be used in upcoming/nearly completed projects. (Hint: Think “staffs”)


I purchased this remnant of vinyl to use in a nearly completed project, so I won’t say much about it, just that it is amazingly the perfect width and length for what I’m using it for.


This last picture is more patterns, including a Butterick Making History pattern for a Regency era gown, jacket, and purse, a Butterick Making History pattern for various corsets, and the new McCall’s Costumes Yaya Han pattern for this flared jacket.

I forgot to picture the new material I bought and I’ve already used it so it’s a bit too late, but I purchased a linen material in a dark brown, and some yards of white netting (both for a nearly complete project as well as perhaps a petticoat in the future).

Until next time!


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