Craft Store Sale Haul

I recently went to Joann’s because they were having a sale and I found all kinds of interesting things.

I saw in the coupon book that these alphabet stamps were on sale and I’ve always wanted something like this so I went ahead and got them. They’re the perfect size for little pendants. I tried to make a pendant but methinks my bedroom desk is not meant to be hammered on so I will be trying out various other platforms before I go into more detail about letter stamping.


Next up, the Simplicity patterns were 5 for $5. I already have many of the patterns that I want, so I didn’t get many. I picked up the Wonder Woman pattern that was out of stock the last time they were on sale and I got this beautiful 1950s dress pattern.


I found a random box full of things in the bead/jewelry section that were $1.99 each so I got these beautiful oxidized brass goodies.



Because the yarn was also on sale, I picked up eight skeins of this neutral color to make a throw blanket and one big skein of this rainbow yarn to make a baby blanket.


For the baby blanket, I cast on 124 stitches using size 8 needles. Then, I knit four rows. The pattern is four knit stitches, then 116 purl stitches, and then four knit stitches. The knit stitches are creating a little border around the blanket. It’s a really simple blanket, I wasn’t going for anything fancy.

I’m not sure what I want to do with the neutral throw, but I might do a knit/purl stripe pattern.


3 thoughts on “Craft Store Sale Haul

  1. That jewellery you picked up is so lovey and such a great price too! I wish NZ had a bigger range of fabrics/crafting items it’s so limited. I’d love to go to Joann’s at some point.


    1. The prices were cut to about 50% off what it would have been. I’m glad I found those hidden gems! Too bad NZ doesn’t have many supplies available for you to use, especially since Joann’s has started releasing Yaya Han’s range of cosplay fabrics.


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