Scream Queens Chanel #3 inspired earmuffs

While I made these for Halloween, it is a completely acceptable holiday project!


  • Headband
  • Measuring tape
  • White fluffy felt
  • Batting/stuffing
  • Sparkly beads and/or sequins
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Sewing machine



  1. Measure the length of the headband and add an inch on each side. Mine was 15.” Cut out a rectangular piece of felt to fit over the headband. I cut mine about 2″ wide.
  2. Sew the rectangle piece into a tube and slide it over your headband. To make it more comfortable you can add some stuffing inside this part too.
  3. Cut out four felt circles, of any diameter you want. I made mine 5″ because I used a 3/5″ seam allowance and wanted them big and fluffy.
  4. On two of the circles, you will sew on your beading. Any design you want. I added dangling pieces to mine. It would probably be best if you mapped out a beading pattern before hand, but I just free-handed one circle and replicated it on the other.20151026_14084320151026_160452
  5. Put two circles right sides together and sew almost all the way around. Repeat with the other two circles.20151026_160008
  6. Flip the circles right side out and stuff them. Then using your needle and thread, close the gap.20151026_162351
  7. Hand sew (I used a combination of running stitches and whip stitches) the muffs to the 1″ inch sections on the end of the headband covering. Make sure the muffs are secured nicely.20151026_165151
  8. Then, slap them on your head and you’re done!




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