Snow White Part Four – The Blouse

[Note: This was actually scheduled to post before Halloween and I’ve only just noticed that it didn’t.]

First of all, apologies for not posting in a while. With the Halloween season among us, I’ve been a busy bat.

This is the final part of the Snow White costume construction. The blouse is made from the same type of fabric as the skirt, a very slippery, thin satin.

The blouse consists of a front piece, a back piece, two facing pieces, and two sleeves.

The first thing you want to do (after stay stitching the collar parts of both pieces) is sew together the front and back pieces (sorry for not taking pictures as I went along, but it is very simple.) All seams are 5/8″.


Then sew the facing pieces together and attach them to the inside of the shirt collar.

20150929_161911Finish the facing edge with a 1/4″ hem. Then either tack or stitch the facing down. I chose to stitch it because the fabric is so thin, I didn’t want the tacking to make any small tears.

Then the fun part, the sleeves! The first thing you want to do with the sleeves is measure elastic for the bottom part, mine was about 6″. Then, cut a piece of bias tape and sew it on to create a casing for the elastic.


Then, thread the elastic through and sew the ends down.

Then sew the sleeve seam. Lastly, sew the sleeve to the shirt, gathering the sleeve at the top for maximum fluff.

To finish the shirt, do a narrow hem on the bottom (fold the edge to 5/8″ and then tuck it under itself to create ~2/8″ and sew) and gather the front of the shirt from the bottom of the facing to the top.




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