Pattern Haul

The local craft store I go to had a sale where Simplicity patterns were 10 for $10, so I picked up six new patterns for my collection.

Normally I would post a picture of the patterns, but I’ll just go for links and details this time.

The first pattern (Simplicity 1040 regularly $19.95) is a one-size (U.S. XS- XL) one for different cloaks/robes that includes an Assassin’s Creed one, which, with some altering would be super cool.

The next one (Simplicity 1036 regularly $19.95) is a licensed DC Comics pattern for Supergirl and Batgirl. It includes boot covers and capes for both, as well as a cowl and gloves for Batgirl. They were out of the Wonder Woman pattern, but that’s alright, I have enough patterns to be able to piece together a WW costume.

Next (Simplicity 3782 regularly $17.95) is an Elizabethan dress pattern (for two dresses). Now, the largest size it goes up to is a US 20, and I tend to be a US 22, so I’ll need to re-size pattern pieces. I really wanted this pattern though because it’s really gorgeous.

Next (Simplicity 1137 regularly $19.95) includes some Game of Thrones patterns. It has Sansa’s black feather dress and the rose-collared dress she wore to her first tournament. They’re both gorgeous, but I got it mainly for the feather one.

Next (Simplicity 1517 regularly $18.95) is a pattern for two Edwardian dinner dresses. There is a short sleeve dress and a third/half sleeve dress. I thought they were pretty so I snagged them.

The last one (Simplicity 4136 regularly 15.95) is a licensed The Wizard of Oz pattern. It includes Dorothy, Glinda, and the Wicked Witch’s dresses. It also includes the Wicked Witch’s hat and cape, and Glinda’s crown and wand. I’ve always wanted to be Dorothy, so now I can!

Because of this sale, I picked up $112.70 worth of patterns for $6. Not bad.


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