Marie Antoinette (the movie) dresses

I just wanted to take a moment to address how beautiful the costumes are in this movie. They’re so colorful and soft looking. Some dresses are made with material that is not exactly fitting for the era or location (like her masquerade ball dress) but they’re all pleasing to the eye. All of the dresses (save the mourning dresses she dons at one point) are these pastel colors, mostly pinks and blues, or white.

Every time I watch this movie, I fall in love with the costumes more and more. If you haven’t seen the movie, do it for the costumes!

One day I’ll learn how to make a robe a la francaise and I will make these gorgeous (but completely impractical) dresses.

This one is my favorite, it’s the dress she wears while walking in the garden at Versailles.

Here are just some other costumes to entice you to watch the movie (or at least search other pictures).


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