Snow White Part One – The Collar

Since September is coming to an end, (also because of bad weather I can’t do what I need to do for my Sleeping Beauty costume), I decided to start work on my sister’s Halloween costume. She wants a moulin rouge styled, kind of sexy, Snow White costume. It consists of a collar, blouse, corset and skirt. This is talking about the collar.

The materials needed for this part were fabric, heavy weight fusible interface, thread, trim, and buttons.

The fabric my sister chose is a white satin fabric. I made a mistake when buying the interfacing and instead of fusible interfacing I bought heavy weight stabilizer, so oops, but the show had to go on.

The first step was to cut out the collar shape (twice) and the collar band shape (also twice) from the interfacing.



The next step was to cut out the collar (twice) and the collar band (four times) from the fabric.20150921_144749

Then I pinned one piece of satin to one piece of interfacing (with the right side of the fabric facing the interfacing). I did this to each piece of interfacing (the two extra collar band pieces will be used later).20150921_150853

Then, things got tricky and I forgot to take pictures. I had to sew the fabric to the interfacing with a 3/8″ (1cm) seam. Then I had to sandwich the collar band in between the two collar pieces (the front section and the back section). Mistakes were made and it is not as pretty as it could be, but it was sewn all together which is what counts.

After that snafu, I decided to go ahead and sew the trim on before sewing the other collar band pieces on. This is a close up picture of that.20150921_183814

Here it is all completely sewn, it looks really nice in my opinion (I’m garbage at hand sewing so this was a total win).20150921_191323

Then I had to hand sew the collar band pieces over the exposed interfacing on the inside of the band. It was supposed to be a slip stitch but I messed up with the very first stitch and decided just to whip stitch it. The ugly stitching is not going to be seen anyway.20150922_084124

The last thing I had to do was sew two buttons on (one for each end of the collar band, where it will attach to the corset). My sister chose these blue buttons, it doesn’t matter what color is chosen because they won’t be seen.20150922_090454

And that took me a good couple of hours, but I was just relieved I completed it.

I was originally going to work top down on this costume (collar, blouse, corset, skirt), but I think I will work from hardest to easiest (collar, corset, blouse, skirt). So the next installment should be about the corset.


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