Sleeping Beauty – BEADS

I ordered some beads and they’ve arrived!

I thought I would talk a bit about them since I’ve been too busy to work on the cosplay this week. (Note: “Swarovski” pops up quite a bit, but that’s just chance. I was shopping by bead design, not name. Also the picture just includes one package of each design just to showcase the design.)


Counter-clockwise from right to left:

  • Swarovski pearl dark lapis – 8mm.
  • Swarovski pearl turqoise – 8mm.
  • Swarovski pearl rose peach – 11 x 8mm.
  • Swarovski pearl light cream – 8mm.
  • Swarovski glacier palette flat back rhinestones – 4mm (I think)
  • Translucent matte amethyst bugle beads – 35gm. (These took me forever to find because I didn’t know the type of bead I wanted was called a bugle bead, I thought they were just cylindrical seed beads. ~The more you know~)
  • Coral drop beads – 18mm.

There is a lot of beading going on with this dress, mostly on the midriff section, with the exception of some pearls on the bottom hem, and the dark lapis pearls on the neckline. I ordered small amounts of the beads to begin with because I wanted to test the beads out. I may not like how they look actually on the dress, etc. I ordered them all out of a gem company catalog and the more you order, the more discount you can get so that’s great.


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