Sleeping Beauty Part Four – Prepping the sash

For this next part, I’ll be making the sash that goes on the front of the dress. For now, it is a white chiffon (I’ll be dyeing it).

I need a long, fairly wide center piece, and two smaller pieces that will connect to the center piece at the waist, forming a “Y” with a line in the middle.

I bought two yards of the chiffon, figuring it would be sufficient for both the sash and the trim, and while working with it today, that is definitely the case. Hurray!

To get the length measurement for the front piece of the sash, I laid my dress on the cutting board just as a flat surface. Because the board is not long enough, I grabbed a tape measure (one of the metal, toolbox ones) and measured the length of the dress, which turned out to be 62″. To allow for seams and whatnot, I just added an inch, so I would need 63″ for my sash.

What I first did was lay the chiffon out, unfolded, on the cutting board. The board itself went up to 56″ in length so I tacked on the extra inches needed and cut straight across the chiffon at that length. The extra two feet or so I had leftover will be used for the trim.

The smaller folded pieces are the shoulder pieces and the larger folded piece is the front piece.


Then I focused on the width of the pieces. My chiffon was 45″ wide, so I just cut it in half, to have two pieces that are 22.5″ wide.

I set aside on of the halves, which would be the front piece of the sash. Then I took the other half and folded it in half lengthwise so I had a piece that was 22.5″ x 31.5″ and cut along the fold line. My one piece became two pieces that will be used to connect from the shoulders to the waist.

I was folding the edges over 5/8″ because of the uneven edge.


Then folding that over to encase the edges.


I was originally going to fold all the raw edges under and sew them down, but I didn’t. I did sew a few down, but I found it was rather time consuming because the chiffon is so slippery. I’m going to be sewing it anyway once I get around to constructing the sash, so I decided to leave all the other raw edges.

I cut them large enough so that even if they fray, I still have plenty of material to do what I need to do.

I will be able to begin constructing the sash once I’ve got the fabric all dyed.


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