Labor Day Sale Haul

Instead of working on my Sleeping Beauty cosplay today, I took advantage of the Labor Day sale at the local Joann’s. I went to get the last (I think) things I need for Sleeping Beauty and also other things I thought I’d want/need.


I picked up some dyes for my dress, cape, and trims. If you recall, my dress is being made from muslin (I do have a peach organza I’m using over it though).

20150907_160912 20150907_160944

I  chose a white chiffon to use for the sash (and trim) on the dress. Because it is 100% polyester, I needed to get the iPoly dye in order to dye the fabric. Most other fabric dyes are only meant for natural fibers.


The last thing I got for my dress was just a plain Jane white zipper. It’s going on the back of the dress, which isn’t going to be visible because of the cape anyway. I chose a sporty zipper instead of an invisible one because it’s sturdier and more durable, in my opinion.


I also found a really great pattern. You may not know, but I am a big fan of the Batman universe, and an even bigger Harley Quinn fan. These dresses look so fun, and they will be altered a bit I’m sure.


As a surprise for my sister, I picked up this starry fabric because she’s always wanted a cape made from it. She says it reminds her of David Bowie, and I do agree.

20150907_140156 20150907_160934

Lastly, to go with the pattern I cut out today in my fabrication time budget, I picked up some red plaid flannel. It’s going to be for my Halloween costume, as well as everyday attire.


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