Sleeping Beauty Cosplay – Interlude

Today was either productive or unproductive, depends on how you look at it.

My time budget for the day (I have about three hours every weekday) was spent cutting out a pattern. That’s productive because cutting out patterns takes a while (for me at least, I always spent 2-3 hours carefully cutting them out) and the pattern is really important for my cosplay. However, it’s unproductive because I didn’t get any fabricating done.

20150904_103731 The pattern I was cutting was for the robe.

I’ll pick up working on my cosplay on Monday. Hopefully tomorrow or Sunday I’ll be able to go to the store and find some nice trims (or at least fabrics to make some trims), pick up some dyes, and/or other notions I may need.

Often times I’ll forget about aspects until I get to the part where I need them.

Until Monday, then! Happy crafting! Don’t forget to let me know what projects you’re working on.


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