Sleeping Beauty Part Two – Figuring out my bodice pattern – B

Today’s venture was much more successful!

I had to resort to using my phone for pictures because my camera decided it needed to charge the entire time I was working on the bodice.

I spent about an hour and a half marking, pinning and cutting my new pieces. I did mess up some of the math, but it’s completely fine because the thing FITS! So I just have to cut some things down.



The first seam I did was the shoulders. Simple, 5/8″ seam. I used this seam and stitch for the whole thing mostly because I was just getting a sense of how well it would fit. I will reinforce everything later on in the project.


After I did the shoulder seam, I stitched the sleeves on. After that, I stitched up the side seam and the sleeve seam (it’s one continuous seam).

This is the shirt (folded in half) all done! Later on I’ll be doing all of the shaping and alterations because, again, today was just about making a top that fit.


The top of the shirt is definitely off the shoulders, but I still need to bind it, and there will be a lot of trim being added (like ruffles) so it’s fine. It will be built up and appear higher (although my shoulders will be covered by the cape anyway so it doesn’t really matter).


These sleeves definitely need to be shortened.


Here’s an added bonus of the farthingale skirt. It’s shaped like a big trapezoid, but I have decided to turn it 90′ and have the gored panels in the front and back because I like the shapes they add to the flow of the dress. Plus, it makes a v shape in the center, and classic Aurora’s dress was all about those v shapes. 20150903_140239


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