Sleeping Beauty Part Two: Figuring out my bodice pattern – A

This is going to be split into two parts, this part is my failure.

For the top part of my dress, I was originally going to alter a pattern I already have. The pattern is for a shirt, but I was going to shorten/shape it accordingly, shouldn’t be too hard. The sleeves already have the classic pointed wrists so that’s a plus!

The sleeve pattern (lovely pointed wrists)


Except for a glaring oversight. The pattern was meant for stretchy materials, not non-stretchy cotton. I pinned and cut my pieces out and then wondered why it didn’t fit.

The front and back (I should have gone with my instincts and cut with a wide berth around the pattern)


I tried to add gored panels to create not only more room, but great shapes. That worked until I added the sleeves on and couldn’t pull the sleeves up my arms.

After a total of five hours working on this thing (with about two and a half of those hours frustrated and trying to make it work) I gave up and took the whole thing apart.

Tomorrow I’ll take the pattern pieces, trace them (larger, I took measurements of my body to get a handle on the size of the pieces) and try again.


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