30 Day Cosplay Challenge – Day 27

27. How many wigs do you own? Which is your favourite?

I have three wigs, but they aren’t really cosplay wigs. I have a cheap orange Halloween one I wanted to wear to be Velma for one Halloween I just messed up making the costume and haven’t gone back to fix it so, that’s basically garbage.

I have another one that was supposed to be a brown bob, but…I got a pixie cut basically. I wear that one when I want to be a boy.

The last one is a long black one with box bangs. I was going to use it for a cosplay but it tangles so easily.

They’re all inexpensive wigs and I have issues with all of them which is why I don’t use them for cosplay.

I’ve been looking into buying wigs for cosplay though, and I think I’ll get them through Arda Wigs, they have such quality looking wigs (and reviews seem to agree).


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