Pattern, etc. Haul

This haul is the culmination of going to three of the same store and one other store over the course of a couple weeks.

These patterns are ones my sister wanted (and one accidental grab). They were part of the $0.99 sale that I bought patterns during for my last haul post.

M7152 (this was the accidental grab)
M7218 (my sister has been in love with Yaya Han’s peacock dress since she saw it)

I decided to go to a home goods store and check out their curtain selection for fabrics. Using curtains is a great way to save some money (usually). The fabric is usually a good quality and you get quite a bit of fabric. In cases it’s cheaper to buy curtains. I got lucky and found some great curtains extremely discounted. My sister and I made out with $300 worth of curtains for about $45.


Navy blue satin sheen with large cross-hatches. I was thinking of possibly using these curtains for my Penny Dreadful cosplay but we’ll see.


I am going to use these curtains to make a mockup of the Sleeping Beauty cosplay I’ll talk about a little bit further in this post.


My sister saw these and thought they’d be perfect for some dresses we want to make so we both picked some up.

Since I’ve tagged this as a disney cosplay I’ll talk about that part now. I’ve started gathering materials to begin the Art Nouveau Sleeping Beauty included in this post.


This indigo crushed velveteen is going to be used for the cloak.


This peach colored charmeuse is going to used for the dress.


The silver roses are going to be used for decoration on the cloak. The pretty faux-opal blue beads are just gorgeous and I have no idea what I’m going to use them on.


I got this pack of plastic pearls to use mostly as a guide for figuring out how many pearls I’m going to need for the dress (I put in a tentative order for pearls that are the same size as these plastic ones). I got the embroidery hoops to work on the embroidery on the hem and sleeves of the dress.


I’ve never done embroidery before and I saw this in the store and it seemed pretty helpful so I might use it on the actual dress or I might use it when I practice, I’m not sure yet.


I picked up some metallic gold thread since this is the color I’m going to be using on the actual embroidery anyway so I figured why not practice with the exact thread I plan to use. This way I can see how well it works for the fabric and whatnot.


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