30 Day Cosplay Challenge – Day 18

18. What is your best cosplay memory?

It’s not so much about my cosplay as it is what happened while I was wearing the cosplay. So I was cosplaying as Misa Amane from Death Note one time at a convention. I walked by a booth and saw portraits of Malcolm McDowell (one of my fave actors) and I got really excited. Well then I just about died when the booth workers told me he was actually going to be at the booth signing the portraits later. Of course, me being me, I circled the booth for hours, and every time I walked by I got status updates from the employees. My friends were pretty annoyed with me and the booth workers were joking around saying they’d tell him not to sign anything for me. When he finally got to the booth, the employees were like “oh, here she is” and Malcolm was the sweetest! He said he was grateful that I waited all that time to meet him. He signed my portrait, said my name was pretty, took a picture with me….and I cried. I immediately called my dad and started freaking out (he really liked the actor too). It was so great. That was my best celebrity encounter, I think (minus the awkward “Elizabeth Henstridge is in the bathroom but that’s creepy, what do I do?!”)


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