Pattern Haul

I ran to the post office yesterday to pick up our Netflix dvd and my mom got some coupons for Joann’s, which was cool because we were going there right after the P.O. anyway. I saw that there was a sale for McCall’s patterns (except Kwik Sew and Stitch N Save at my local store) where you could get a limit or 10 for $0.99 each. That’s a HUUUUGE bargain considering most McCall’s patterns are around $20. Of course I decided to stock up, and I might go back to the store and pick up more before the sale ends (it ends this weekend).

Here are the patterns I decided to pick up (I got seven, my mom got three.)


This is pattern MP440. I got this one mostly for fun, it includes a pattern for Belle’s yellow dress.


This is M6911. I picked up this one for my sister because she really liked one of the skirt and top combinations.


This is M6817. This one includes a pattern for Merida’s dress. I feel like it needs some altering (something about the dress just seems a little off at first glance, I haven’t done comparisons yet) but that’s easy to do.


This is M7202. These little cape-like jackets are so cute, and I can think of a few ways to incorporate them into cosplay as well as everyday wear.


This is M7184. It is part of the Archive Collection (this one is circa 1958). I just think the outfit is really adorable and would be fun to make.


This is M7154. It is also from the Archive Collection (circa 1930). It looks so glamorous to me and even though it’s not a practical gown, I still want to make this.


This is M6420. I mostly got this one for the red and gold colored gown and the blue cape. The gown looks like fun to make, and while I already have a few cape patterns, I like the hood on this one.

I’ll also include some other patterns that I’ve picked up this summer at Joann’s.


This is Simplicity S0746. It includes Anna’s coronation gown and Elsa’s Ice Queen dress. I made Elsa’s dress already, but I think Anna’s could be really fun to make too.


This is Simplicity 2172. I picked it up because I can use aspects of this pattern for a future project. My sister also likes this dress so I might make her one.


This is Simplicity’s S0347. I picked it up because, come on, who doesn’t want to be a sailor scout? I’ve always wanted to cosplay one (I wore a Sailor Moon dress basically every day in Preschool).


This is Simplicity’s 1347. I originally got this one for Tauriel’s dress (although the skirt is definitely incorrect), but then I fell in love with Daenerys’ gowns. I’m actually working on a project using this pattern right now.


This is Simplicity’s 1210 pattern. It includes Anna’s winter dress and Elsa’s coronation dress. My sister wanted this one for Elsa’s dress, and I wanted it for Anna’s.


This is M7217. I have so many costumes I want to make that involve bodysuits and I could never find a body suit pattern that I liked, or was exactly the kind I wanted. This pattern is quite customizable so it gets major points for that.


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