30 Day Cosplay Challenge – Day 6

6. Your favourite cosplay (that you have done)

It’s actually one of my favorite mostly because it was one of my dad’s favorites. That would be my Pikachu cosplay, my dad loved the tail the most.

I made that for my high school air band show actually, my friends and I (the huge nerds we are) performed the Pokemon theme songs dressed as either trainers or Pokemon. It was super fun (even though we did have some haters, but whatever).

This was a cheap and easy cosplay for me. I made the ears and tail from felt and wire. I already had the shirt, shoes, pants, and wire, so I just had to go buy the felt which was like $0.10 a sheet.

This was my pre-makeup skills stage, so I drew on my face with Crayola markers which turned out to be a huge mistake. They say washable, but my cheeks had red circles for a few days…


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