30 Day Cosplay Challenge – Day 3

3. Your most recent cosplay.

That would be the Dark Elsa cosplay that I posted a picture of in this post (also inserted below[again, it was just a test shot]).


I had a certain color scheme (I didn’t want to buy a wig and I have brown and teal hair). SO, my Elsa can be seen two ways: 1) Dark Elsa and/or 2) Elsa cosplaying as Fem!Hades.

This cosplay was a huge undertaking for me. I did it for SDCC ’15, and I started making it five days before the convention. This was also the first time I made a cosplay from scratch (usually I’ll have my mom sew them bc I’m not that great with a sewing machine, but boy did I learn fast doing this.)

The outfit consists of four pieces: a cape, bodice, shirt, and skirt.

I decided I didn’t want a shimmery cape, so I went with a knit material aptly named “monster shreds” because of the mesh backing showing through “shreds” in the knit overlay. It’s a pretty hefty material, so I was concerned about how to attach it to the bodice (spoiler alert: I added more snaps and hooks than called for). It drapes beautifully though and it’s such a fun material.

The bodice was a challenge. I’ve never made a bodice before, ever, and neither has my mom. I had to use our industrial sewing machine (which terrifies me because that thing can sew through a wooden yardstick!) to sew the boning onto the lining. The boning was the hardest part. I had to undo so many attempts of sewing the boning. I got the bright idea of ironing the boning (I used plastic boning) after attaching it when it would have been way easier if I had ironed it before sewing it onto the lining. After getting the boning situated, it was pretty smooth sailing to finish it.

I made the shirt with a glittery silver mesh. It was such a mess, and three weeks later I’m still finding silver glitter in my house. I should have made it from a non-glittery mesh because while I thought it would turn out awesome, it’s actually really itchy because of the glitter. I kind of have sensitive skin so I have to be careful about the glitter chafing my skin. It looks pretty though! Nice and shimmery.

The skirt was the easiest part. I used a satin material that looked nice and slick, like oil. It was kind of slippery while trying to sew it all together but that was the only drawback. I had my mom put all of the zippers onto the costume because the last time I tried putting a zipper on something, I failed so bad.

In terms of accessories and other aspects, I had a love/hate relationship.

The love part: I bought a little bird that could clip into my hair, that I named Frederick and he is my version of Elsa’s Marshmallow/Hades’ Pain and Panic. My sidekick, ya know? I didn’t really like his color scheme, so I repainted him to be grays, black, white, and teal (with a light purple glitter paint painted on his belly for pizzazz).

The hate part: I knew I needed hair extensions because my hair is not long enough to emulate Elsa’s braid. I went to the only beauty supply store close to my house and bought the only package of blonde extensions that didn’t cost $100+. I looked at online reviews that said the type I had bought could be dyed despite the package saying no. So I tried dying them teal with the regular teal dye I use for my hair, I left it sit overnight for maximum color. The color washed right out and didn’t dye the hair whatsoever. So I went to another method using alcohol and acrylic colors, I mixed up a batch and liberally painted it on the hair. That also washed right out but did dye small patches a very light green. I tried it again this time with more color and less alcohol, but that failed more than the previous attempt. So, I went for another method: straight up teal fabric dye. I left the hair in the dye for over four hours and it only dyed the hair a light icy blue color. I gave up at this point because it was the day before the convention and I had no other options, so I just styled the extensions with my teal hair in a way that looked alright and you wouldn’t really notice where the extensions began.

In the end, I didn’t get to wear this cosplay to the convention because I needed a friend to assist me with the cape when it was time to volunteer (the cape is long and would’ve been a burden). My friend who was going to the convention with me was unfortunately stuck working the entire timeline of the convention. I had other costumes though so I didn’t mind.


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