Other P.A. styled Disney females

Because I made a Snow White outfit, I decided to make outfits for other Disney girls.

In my Post-apocalyptic world, the Disney girls have got it together. They have working factories, resources, etc. That makes the male Disney villains want to destroy them and take things for themselves. But of course these girls won’t let that happen.

All of these outfits were created on Polyvore, using the >$50 filter, so there were definite limitations in options.

P.A. Cinderella

Here’s Cinderella. I chose a crop top and vest with high waisted jeans as her main outfit because I imagine she wants to keep cool, but still protected, as she operates a bazooka. I chose clear jelly boots for her glass slippers. Of course she’s got a blue headband too.

P.A. Sleeping Beauty

Here’s Sleeping Beauty. Her outfit is almost a “snow bunny” outfit because in my mind, she is a sniper who is hiding out in the woods waiting for her target. It could be raining or snowing, so she has a thick jacket, hiking boots, gloves, and earmuffs (in a tan color to mimic her gold crown). She’s got pink pants (I chose those for the color, not the rips), and a long sleeve pink shirt to help keep her warm.

P.A. Belle

Here’s Belle. She’s wearing an “office” type look because I imagine her to be the brains of the entire Disney female HQ. Her bag is styled after a book to represent her love of reading. I see her behind a desk covered in books and maps, planning when and where the other Disney girls should strike.

P.A. Jasmine

Here’s Jasmine. I tried to keep to her style/color scheme, with some additions. I imagine that in her necklace, there are small cameras placed in the jewels. Her earrings double as microphones and earpieces. She’s got the scarf so she can cover her features while avoiding cameras. Do you get her role yet? She’s a spy, and a really good one.

P.A. Ariel

Here’s Ariel. I dressed Ariel in mostly activewear but with a stylish twist. She’s got sneakers and sporty pants as well as a tank top because her role in the Disney girls is the runner. Literally. It is her job to run in and out grabbing or dropping off whatever she has to. She’s putting her legs to use. She has earrings because she never has enough thingamabobs. Her sunglasses and vest offer her comfort for her secondary role which is a driver/transporter.

P.A. Pocahontas

Here’s Pocahontas. I tried to keep with her style, but I didn’t want a dress. In these clothes, she can move swiftly and quietly through the woods/city to assassinate her targets. I imagine the stone on her necklace is hollow inside and filled with poison so she can unsuspectingly poison her targets. The suede also help protect her in close combat.

P.A. Mulan

Here’s Mulan. I decided to base her outfit off of her Ping outfit and concept. Mulan is a mistress of disguise. Wearing this kind of outfit (not necessarily the female cut like these pieces have) she is able to become Ping and infiltrate enemy camps. By entering their camps she is able to sabotage weapons, steal plans, etc. She’s different from Jasmine because Jasmine’s main focus is gathering intel while Mulan’s is to destroy whatever she can.

P.A. Tiana

Here’s Tiana. I tried my best to stick with her dress scheme. In my vision, Tiana is both a chef and a chemist. Knowing which foods go well together carries into which chemicals go with others. She creates poisons for Pocahontas, as well as explosives for Snow White. She has an apron for when she’s cooking up things (food or otherwise) and a cardigan for when she’s not busy. She wears sneakers because she’s on her feet a lot and she truly believes in comfort.

P.A. Rapunzel

Here’s Rapunzel. Her outfit is very simple because after living her life in a tower, she’s not used to anything else. She has simple pants, comfortable shoes, a loose/flowing shirt, and a hair tie to keep her hair out of her way. Why does she need her hair out of the way? Because she’s an expert at close combat, of course. She can’t have her weapons being tangled in her hair while she’s fighting or instructing. She will occasionally use her hair as a weapon by braiding it and using it as a whip. She’s hardcore.

P.A. Merida

Here’s Merida (complete with weapons!). I tried to find clothes that Merida could m ove in, but also not have problems with. I chose this jacket because the collar is pretty low-profile and when done up there’s nothing to get caught in a bow string, which is such a plus. Her outfit is pretty straightforward though. I kept with her dress’s color scheme. She’s got the bow and arrow because she’s basically the Hawkeye of the Disney girls.

P.A. Esmeralda

Here’s Esmeralda. I tried my best to actually recreate her main outfit, but with pants instead of a skirt. That’s really the only difference. She’s got the flowy off-shoulder blouse, underbust corset, light purple bottom, darker purple scarf, gold hoop earring, gold bracelet, and pink headband. The reason I kept her simple is because her goal is to blend in, she is, after all, the thief of the Disney girls. She’s not supposed to look rugged, not supposed to look like she’s one of the girls. Esmeralda is able to pick pockets easily because the men are distracted by her beauty. She knows she’s pretty so she uses it to her advantage.

P.A. Kida

Here’s Kida. She is the resident immortal (basically). She possesses a lot of knowledge, and while she is great with a spear, she likes to help Belle with information when she’s not training warriors. I decided to recreate her outfit instead of alter it because she’s Kida and she’ll wear what she wants. She’s not afraid of her enemies, she’ll take them on barefoot and wearing a bikini and she always wins.

P.A. Alice

Here’s Alice. I updated and modified her original outfit to suit her role in the Disney girls. Alice is a doctor, hence the clipboard. She’s dressed professionally, but with her childish twist. She cares for the wounded, but she has another, darker role. When she’s not caring for her people, she is torturing prisoners with psychological warfare. She’s very knowledgeable with narcotics and altered states of mind. In my opinion, she would be one of the most dangerous members of this band of girls.

P.A. Jane

Here’s Jane. I used one of her later outfits in the Tarzan film and modeled her after Lara Croft. She spent a lot of time in the jungle, so she really learned how to fend for herself. She’s wearing practical clothing: a tank to keep her cool, sturdy yet comfortable shorts, boots with boot socks, and she’s got a holster for her knife when she’s not slashing down her enemies. She has a photographic memory and thusly when she goes into an enemy camp, she is able to draw it from memory, providing maps for Belle.

I might do more females later on, but I think this is a pretty good amount to start with. If I think of similar characters, or looks and/or roles, I may include: Elsa, Anna, and Megara.


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