Penny Dreadful inspiration

I’ve been wanting to make a dress based on Eva Green’s character, Vanessa, from Penny Dreadful for the longest time. I just absolutely love her style. She dresses in a lot of black, which I also happen to dress in, so I don’t have to worry about wearing colors I don’t like. But let’s be honest, her dresses could be made of neon material but I’d still wear them because they’re gorgeous.

I found a pattern that is for about a decade or so before Penny Dreadful’s time-line, but I can alter some of the pieces pretty easily I think to work for 1891. Before I went pattern shopping, I spent a lot of time thinking about how to go about making one of her costumes (of an inspired version of one) I did a lot of research about 1890’s clothes. But because I’m more of a visual learner, I decided to throw caution to the wind and just pore over stills from the show.

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These outfits are the most representative of the style at the time, in my opinion. There are vertical shoulders, swanky bodices (look at all that trim), shirtwaists (for those days where a full on jacket is too bothersome) and a stylish skirt without the bulk of a bustle (I’ve seen a lot of dresses with bustles on the show but from all of my reading, they weren’t really popular in 1890.) These are just some of my favorite outfits she wears on the show.

Once I decide what kinds of fabrics I want to use for my dress (also plain vs. patterned, etc.) I’ll be able to go and purchase the fabrics and then get started on Vanessa’s dress. Fingers crossed I can start work on it soon.


With the second season, I fell in love with Hecate Poole’s witch outfit. It looks so opulent (also I’ve never worked with velvet before, so that will be fun!). I love the colors and the way the dress drapes and moves. It’s just a really gorgeous costume.


I need to make the hooded cloak as well, it adds a lovely effect. Luckily I’ve made robes/capes before so it won’t be difficult to make one.

I need to find a pattern (or draft my own, if I don’t find one) for Hecate’s dress, so her costume is on hold until I do.


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