Hannibal-inspired Antler Flower Crown



Headband, pipe cleaners, floral tape, paint and paintbrush (or permanent markers), fake flowers, scissors, hot glue gun

Step 1. Take two pipe cleaners, fold them in half and wrap the bottom end (the bent end) around the headband to secure them.

Step 2. Take another pipe cleaner, cut it in half, and fold each piece in half and wrap the bent end around a pipe cleaner you already have on the headband (somewhere around the middle/bottom). Repeat on the other side.

Step 3. Take yet another pipe cleaner, cut it in half, then cut one half in half. Fold each of the small pieces in half and wrap the bent ends around the main pipe cleaner (sort of towards the top).

Step 4. Take your floral tape and wrap it around the pipe cleaners, covering them up. Try to keep the tape looser at the bottoms of the pipe cleaners and tighter at the tops.

Step 5. If you’re like me and don’t trust the floral tape to stay on because it is a tricky devil, use your hot glue gun to secure the ends of the tape. You can also use the hot glue gun to glue the bottoms of the main pipe cleaners to the headband to make them extra secure.

Step 6. Paint (or color) your antlers a shade of brown (or whatever color you want). Let it dry for about an hour to make sure it’s dry.

Step 7. Cut your flowers at the end of the plastic nub part before the wire stem begins. Use your cut bits and arrange them in a pattern you think you’ll like. I didn’t use some of the leaves because it looked too clunky with my pattern, but you can do whatever you want!

Step 8. Using your hot glue gun, attach the flowers to the headband. I started right next to each antler on the inside, to build up the middle part of the crown first, you don’t have to though. If you are using the leaves, glue the leaves down first and then glue the flower on top of it.

Step 9. Put on your crown and be a majestic being.

I hope my instructions made sense. Happy crafting!


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